By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 10 – An Occurrence

Maxus was peering out the porthole in his office into the unimaginably lonely void of space. How could he have known? He thought to himself as he scratched his head in confusion. “He had no idea the alien menace could have been this strong. How could he have known?” he mumbled under his breath his hand striking the wall. “Had Gak’tul’s Doomstar fleet not arrived when they had my entire Armada would have been destroyed!” he said shouting at a distant star. He felt lucky to have a friend such as Gak’tul; there just aren’t enough men in the galaxy like him.

Maxus chuckled to himself as he held up a glass of Champaign to Gak’tul’s Doomstar fleet victoriously; with a smile he downed the glass.

“Thank you my friend.”

He made his way back to his desk, pulled out a chair, and took a seat. Maxus felt cocky at the moment, and he had reason to be. He just destroyed a small scout fleet of the alien vessels. Well he didn’t destroy them, Gak’tul’s fleet did, but he was commanding them! He thought to himself.

As far as he knew no one else had even gone up against one of these things and survived. But who would find out? As far as everyone else was concerned he led his men into battle and won! Only one man knew what had actually happened. However, Maxus was not THAT dumb, he knew Gak’tul was too valuable an ally to dispose of. He had to make this work to his advantage. But how? He had no idea, but he WOULD make it work. Maxus continued gloating to himself. Maxus looked to the door when he heard a knock.

“Who is it?”

“It is only I Gak’tul.”

“Ah Gak’tul my friend please do come in, come in!.” Maxus pushed a button and Gak’tul stepped in as the door slid open.

“Your men are safe for now, we completed a life scan of the area prior to my coming here.”

“Excellent my friend! You have done magnificently! What can I do to repay you?” Maxus said as he stood up from his desk and moved to shake Gak’tul’s hand.

“You are asking to repay me? We are allies, and we are friends. I seek no payment for doing what I said I would do. I am not one to break my word…” said Gak’tul as he rolled his eyes tired growing tired of petty politicking.

“But of course I am the Emperor of The Human Alliance! I can give you anything your heart desires! Even a planet so that you can get rid of that useless and aging space station! Perhaps even a crew fit to fight under a man such as yourself?!”

“I would hold my tongue if I were you Maxus!” Gak’tul shouted his hand slamming down upon the desk startling Maxus. Maxus slowly began to back away as Gak’tul continued.

“Those men out there saved your ass boy, and don’t you forget it! I would proudly fight and die along side those men any day than have a manufactured crew beneath me!”

“I meant no insult to you my friend. After all you did save my…er our hide.” Said Maxus nervously.

“Very well.” Gak’tul said straightening up

“ Either way, as I was beginning to say…”\

Out of pure nervousness Maxus chimed in “Would you care for a drink my friend? We must drink to this joyous occasion!”

“NO! I DO NOT WANT A DAMN DRINK!” shouted Gak’tul, as his nanite extensions shivered mimicking anger and turmoil.

“You will shut up, you will listen to the report I am about to give you, and you WILL NOT take credit for leading this battle. You are a COWARD you should NEVER have been given the title you currently hold. I know your father BOUGHT your notoriety and you have no RIGHT to be in this office. Now sit down and shut up, and LEAD this Alliance like a MAN not like the FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD you are behaving as!”

Maxus, stunned, blinked and his eyes started to water.

“Don’t you even dare cry boy! You are acting like you did even when you were a child!”

Maxus wiped his eyes and looked to him, his empty Champaign glass falling to the floor and shattering upon it as if in slow motion. Both men watched the glass fall and shatter. They heard a reverberation off of the hull of their ship. Gak’tul was the first to look out the porthole of Maxus’s office and his eyes grew inhumanely large almost as if his life were flashing before his eyes. Maxus turned and looked out the porthole pushing Gak’tul aside, he gasped as his breath became caught in his throat, his eyes too grew to the size of melons as he stood there in shock.

“HOLD YOUR BREATH BOY!” shouted Gak’tul as he tackled Maxus knocking him to the floor and behind the desk as an anti-matter missile slammed into the side of the ship.

Trigon was laughing madly as he watched the explosion of his direct hit on the leadership cabin’s of the Human Alliances lead ship, he had killed the first target in his plan. Gak’tul had to die! Maxus was simply a bonus, an unexpected bonus granted but one he would be more than happy to have.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha DIE!!!! You will die Gak’tul for backing up The Imperial Scourge! The Imperial Scourge will DIE at the hands of TRIGON!”

After the explosion just as quickly as he had arrived Trigon was gone. Leaving nothing in his wake other than a small trail of neutron exhaust. Trigon chuckled to himself a large grin upon his face; fortunately for him the alien vessels the fleets of Gak’tul and The Human Alliance had faced were merely altered Techanoid vessels. Ah those pathetic Techanoid’s so easily persuaded to give up their cloaking technology for what they thought to be a new armor, a stupid race, but one of such use. He would have to remember that. He had to love organic armor; one can make it grow to look like anything, even a new races virtually indestructible armor.

Trigon put his Battleship into hyper drive and started back to his Command Vessel he had to prepare for the second stage of The Imperial Scourge’s downfall.