By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 12- Memories

Commander Sterling was on the transport ship to meet Mazuko on Space Station, Lancer. It was truly a marvelous looking station especially considering the sheer number of battles he knew it had been through.

Max tried to think back to when he first enlisted in the service, his family thought him a fool all but Helen. Ah lovely Helen, she was the only thing keeping him from enlisting. She was the lone woman who held his heart, and held it tightly. He loved her, and she knew it, but he would never admit it. She was everything to him; as long as he had her he saw no point in traveling the galaxies of the universe with the mighty fleets of Azguard. But she, this woman Helen, she kept telling him he would be an exceptional soldier, that he should follow his dreams. And so he did.

He followed a dream that led him to where he was today, one of the most trusted Commanders in all of Azguards fleets. Max took a deep breath, as he regretted leaving Helen back on Velious-14, had he made the right choice? He could never know, for shortly after he enlisted he received a letter from home. It was a letter from his father telling him how things were going on the farm and what the weather was like. It wasn’t until the end when his mother penned the most hurtful lines he had ever read.

“Max, if your reading this, it means you are alive and well. I miss you so, I wish you had not gone, but alas you followed your dreams. I hope you are doing well. Everything is ok here, your father is overworking as usual and we have a large crop this year. Although, it pains me to tell you this because I know she has not the heart to tell you herself. Yes, it is about Helen. I’m sorry my son but she has taken on a husband, Mark Stahl. They have a child due in a few weeks. I just thought you’d want to know. Your father and I love you Max. Take Care.


Max wiped his eyes with his fingers as he remembered the night he got the letter. He had just gotten back from a skirmish with an The Imperial Scourge doomstar fleet they had obliterated, but started a decisively devastating war for many clusters. His last hope for staying alive was the hope he could return to the arms of Helen, the woman he loved. But that hope was shattered in a single night. His heart was ripped out, stepped on, ground up, and shoved back into his chest. He only ate enough to barely stay alive, his health declined as his weight dropped drastically. He ended up in the infirmary his fighter wings taken away by his commander for his own health. That was when he met Mazuko.

Mazuko at that time was an up and coming Commander himself. A man whom many thought would flop in the ranks of the Azguard Air Force but little did they know he was a very stubborn man. Mazuko approached Max as he did many of the other patients in the infirmary, shook his hand and even sat down for a few minutes with him.

Max chuckled to himself as the incident reminded him of politicians and their meeting the people for votes.

However Mazuko said something to him he didn’t say to the other troops in the infirmary. He told him he was being given his own fleet and that he could use a top notch Commander like him to help lead the fleet to victory. Max of course told him he would be proud to do such and so he did.

The next morning Commander Max Sterling headed out for his new life, a life given to him by a man no one believed in, a man he would die for like a brother. Despite never having told Mazuko he felt this way.

Max awoke as the transport ship came to a jerky stop when it docked with Space Station Lancer. He wiped the sleep out of his eyes as the rest of the passengers filed out of the transport and onto the landing terminal. He followed shortly there after, retrieving his firearm from the arms locker on the ship before he made his way off the transport.

Max looked at his watch as he exited it was 18:00 hours he had to meet up with Mazuko at his office at 22:00 hours he had more than enough time to grab something to eat. So he headed to the commercial section of the station looking for a bar & grill.

After walking around for about an hour Max made his way into a bar & grill called The EDGE. He made his way past some odd looking customers, some human, some not, even though some of the humans didn’t look so human anymore. Everyone of the customers looked at him as if he were the plague as if Max was something to be stepped on and killed.

He cautiously took a seat at the bar as the bartender, a short stout lizard like man slithered over to him.

“What can I get for you bub?” said the bartender.

“Just give me a burger and a beer.”

“It’ll be a few minutes,” said the tender as he took the towel from his shoulder and wiped his hands off after washing them. He turned to the grill fired it up and made Max his burger in quite a fast fashion. He seemed to want to get Max out of there and quickly.

“I see, that I’m not welcome here. I’ll take my burger and beer to go.” Said Max as he tossed a few dollars onto the counter for the meal.

“That would be wise bub. We don’t take to kindly to soldier boys around here.”

“I see. Well thanks for the food.” Said Max as he took it and headed out of the bar & grill.

Max muttered to himself under his breath as he made his way up the street. “No respect, some people.” He shook his head in disbelief and finished up the burger. As he was popping the top on his beer he decided to take a seat on a bench. He sat there drinking his beer watching the people go by. He thought it quite odd that none of them were gearing up for a war of epic proportions, but then again he wasn’t in charge of telling them. He sat there for a few more moments before checking his watch. He saw it was now 21:00 hours and decided to head over to the main administration wing of the station for his meeting with Mazuko.

Commander Sterling chuckled to himself as he thought aloud. “Well, here goes nothing.” With that he headed off for his meeting.