By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 14 – Infiltration

Trigon stumbled around the command deck of his flagship, Estrada, in a drunken stupor, a bottle of Cognac in one hand and a picture of Gak’tul in the other. “CURSE YOU GAK’TUL! You are the sword in my side; YOU are the destroyer of everything I have taken so long to plan. If it were not for you, Maxus would be dead as I now speak!!” he shouted drunkenly as he stumbled and grabbed the back of a chair to keep from falling. “I will KILL you with my own two hands Gak’tul you can COUNT ON IT!” he screamed as he threw the now empty Cognac bottle at a radar screen. It shattered into pieces and Trigon stared at it blindly as it soon burst into flames.. He looked at the picture in his hand and spat upon it. “You will die.” He moved to the other side of his command deck and slumped down into a chair. He sighed to himself

Marianna spoke softly into her transmitter as the automatic repair robots began fixing the now torched radar console. “Trigon has drunken himself into a stupor yet again Sir, I do not yet know when he will call for me I must be prepared to answer.”

“Very well M-3, do what you must. We will be there within the hour.”

“Understood, M-3 out.”

Commander Sterling shook his head. Had Mazuko gone mad? He was talking to himself again calling himself M-3 whatever the hell that meant. Was it some sort of code? Max shook his head how could he have been so dumb. This man mesmerized him, the stories he had heard of the feats Mazuko had accomplished were great. All of which did him no justice, because not one of them knew the real truth.. But he was no writer; he would do this man no justice either. Were his thoughts wandering again? They had to be, where the hell did he get the idea of being a writer from? “Hmmmmm” Max muttered under his breath. He was thoroughly perplexed by this. What was he thinking about in the first place? He looked to Mazuko with confusion in his eyes.

“Commander,” he whispered “what am I doing here.”

Mazuko cursed under his breath he had forgotten to give Commander Sterling the dampening shield he would need to get past the slave matrix. He should have known. Fortunately for Max he had Command Sterling put an extra one in his pack. Mazuko gestured with his hand for Max to turn around and face his back to him. Max looked confused but he still seemed to have some of his sanity left. He was not yet a slave of Trigon. Mazuko rummage through Max’s pack until he came upon the dampening shield he was looking for. He removed it and quickly adjusted its setting before inserting it into Commander Sterling’s arm via the hypodermic needle one used to insert the shield. He quickly placed the remnants back into Sterling’s sack and told him to turn around.

“Look at me Commander,” said Mazuko “you did not inject the dampening shield into your blood stream. The Slave Matrix Trigon has installed on his vessels nearly took you away from yourself. Fortunately I had another dampening shield injection placed into your pack for such an emergency.”

“Thank you Sir, once again I owe you my life.” Max managed to spit out.

“You owe me nothing Commander Sterling, your being here is payment enough. We must move out now, Trigon is asleep we should have no problems breaching the hull and making our way inside.”


”Move out.” Said Mazuko as both men grabbed their gear and headed out of their small craft and fastened them selves to the hull of Trigon’s flagship, Estrada.

Unbeknownst to Mazuko and Max, Trigon had anticipated an infiltration by the Azguard elite. Albeit he had no idea whom would be initiating the action to remove him from his place of power, he knew it was going to come. So he had set up a perimeter of ghosts, specially trained soldiers that could blend into anything using a personal cloaking field generator. It was quite ingenious of him, he thought at the time, to train civilians to do his bidding. “Why waste good soldiers?” He often said to himself. “When civilians are a dime a dozen? Hell they VOLUNTEER to do this sort of experimentation!”

His highest Commanders often talked amongst themselves about the unwarranted and unjust manner in which Trigon selected his ghost troops. But who were they to complain? They were fortunate enough to be alive let alone knowing that they were slaves to this mad man. Besides the fact they got to toy with the most inhumane war machines ever released upon mankind. They often wondered as to why Trigon refused to make slaves of any of the other many races that the mighty Azguard had come into contact with. It was up to them to wonder and only one man to know the answer.

In addition to the ghosts Trigon had dispatched observation vessels and had the hull cameras activated on his flagship Estrada. He knew what was going to happen and he knew it would. If only he had known when, how, and who would be carrying out this operation he would be able to thwart them easily. However Azguards security had been tightened as of late and it made it rather difficult to get a hold of any information pertaining to Azguard secret operations or even standard military operations of any sort for that matter. Not since the attempt on Maxus and Gak’tul had been made. Perhaps it had been a mistake to try so quickly and to be so bold and brazen as to his attack on Maxus’s flagship. Too many people knew it was he that made the attack, yet he was surprised Mastermind had not yet displaced him from the military course he took with the Azguard main fleet body. It was a strange scenario in which he had become merely a pawn when it was he whom had set things into motion.

“BREEEEP BREEEEP BREEEEP” the alarm on Estrada repeated over and over again. It was the hull breach alarm something obviously had breached her hull. “BREEEEP BREEEEP BREEEEP” Trigon literally jumped out of his seat on the sixth round of the alarm the drunken stupor he was in quickly fading away as he was ready for action. He quickly grabbed the speakerphone and spoke “DAMAGE REPORT, DAMAGE REPORT!” shouted Trigon.

There was a moment of silence before there was an answer. “The munitions room has been breached Sir. There was an external explosion we lost two decks to the blast sir. The air locks have been sealed casualties number in the thousands!” shouted one of Estrada’s engineers.

“Blast it! The time has come! To your battle stations men!” Trigon turned to the door as his crew flooded into the communications center in which he had been. They all rushed to their positions the green screens coming to life as the light in the room dimmed. They were ready for anything, and all thanks to Trigon’s mind control devices.

Trigon smiled to himself, he knew he was safe and he knew nothing was going to get past his heavily defended position. He once again picked up and spoke over the speakerphone “Give me a status report gentlemen” said Trigon calmly.

“Sir it seems an asteroid struck the side of the Estrada Sir. As I said before it took out two decks and took exactly 2316 lives. The shields are online again Sir and we are ready for war. Repairs will be needed soon however, for we are running low on energy reserves.”

“I see. We will dock with the main station in the morning. Stand down men it was a false alarm. We lost a lot of men today,” he mumbled to himself “as if I cared” “, and that loss is great. An asteroid struck us and repairs are under way as we speak. Return to your duties.”

Trigon shook his head in disbelief he could have sworn that he was being attacked but apparently he was wrong. He laughed loudly and headed for his office, he had another bottle of Cognac waiting for him.