By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 1 – The Coming

Trigon stumbled in through the air lock his fleet of brand new Doomstars recently docked and taking on supplies, his eyes fell upon the main display. “What the hell IS that thing?” he managed to spit out before standing along side Mastermind.

Mazuko’s gaze slowly turned and fell upon the despairing Trigon, as he scratched his head. “We wish we knew…”

“F’in A that thing is HUGE!” stuttered Devero completely dumbfounded.

Mastermind began to study the massive object on the display before them all. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. I can’t even begin to imagine the power within that thing, let alone the power it takes to make that bastard move!”

Shaking his head out of pure disbelief Gumpus spoke. “Where is this thing at? Obviously it’s not within our cluster, because we haven’t picked it up on our outer most sensors.”

“You forgot about the cloaking field generator.” Said Mazuko sarcastically.

“Bah either way it would of left a trail that our new sensors would have picked up.”

They both looked to Mastermind yet again as if looking for some sort of answer to their question. Masterminds hands moved like the wind over the main displays controls. Bringing the probes view ever closer to this massive object. All seven men stared into the main display.

As the probe moved ever closer lights began to appear within this object making them all think that this may not be just an ‘object’ anymore. A faint green light seemed to make the craft glow as if it were not only a spacecraft but rather a beast of burden. This beast carried its weight with much pride and gusto, its sheer size and seemingly massive power striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest of men. Upon closer inspection the probe soon discovered that the green light that seemed to emanate from this ship actually was coming from it. It was not exhaust nor was it a fire but the exhaling of this beast as it moved. This race managed to create a hybrid between beast and machine. Taking the best characteristics of both and combining them into one. With one sudden jerk of one of the ships engines the picture vanished, and the controls of the probe went dead. Mastermind looked up to the men gathered around now numbering in the hundreds.

“Boys…a world of shit just fell into our hands. That was our only probe left in The Imperial Scourge’s cluster. I only hope that we’re not too late to help do something about it.”

“There is only one thing we CAN do about it.” Stated Mazuko.

Mastermind turned to Mazuko only a few words had to be said.

“And what exactly would that be Mazuko?”

“Send emissaries out to The Imperial Scourge. And if not emissaries than let’s send messages to them. Hell we have this message system that we never use why the hell don’t we try and use it now?”

“How long do you think The Imperial Scourge will hold out? If the super powers are brought to their knees first, you know that there will be nothing left for us to try and save, save for a few scant survivors and inhospitable planets. The only thing we CAN do is ready all of our fleets for battle. We know the Empire is GONE, obliterated, toast, yesterdays news, we haven’t heard from the Emperor in at least 2 galactic years. They used to keep in touch every 2 weeks and now? Nothing! Silence! Now The Imperial Scourge is getting brought down to their knees. We must act now, and we must act swiftly!” At this Mazuko’s hand struck the console before him to loud jeers from the men in the room.

Mastermind looked to the men in the room each one in succession nodding in approval to Mazuko’s proposal. Masterminds gaze than fell upon Mazuko.

“We will try this route…however we will also put all of our fleets on full alert.”

He looked to the commanders gathered in the room.

“Gumpus, Trigon, Mazuko, Jimmedy, Devero, Paladin, Murlinn, Samite. Call your subordinates have them get your fleets activated, recall any and all fleets you have off on missions. Be sure to leave fleets near or on all of your planets…just in case.”

Mastermind breathed a heavy sigh as he continued to speak.

“We will cover all costs that you cannot cover your selves. Alert all your allies and every other commander not present here and now to prepare for heavy war. After we get more info from the Human Alliance we’ll decide our next move.”

He then turned to his personal aids.

“Get those diplomatic messages out use the multi-purpose communication channel on com 12 lable it “Of Utmost Importance URGENT!””

Mastermind looked to his comrades.

“Good luck my comrades, something tells me we’re going to need it.”

As the last word left his lips his gaze again returned to the main display now nothing but static. The men turn and hurry off the bridge each to run about their own jobs, to carry out their own rituals before battle, it’s going to be a hard fight. The men could feel it in their souls, right down to their bones. They all knew…it was all or nothing.

The doors closed behind Gumpus as he left, Mastermind now stood alone on the bridge, the static from the now lost probe loud within the chamber.

Mastermind silently whispered to himself. “I only hope you were right….”