By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 2 – A Piece of Insanity

Trigon turned from the printer, his most recent orders from Mastermind in hand. He pulled out his swivel chair from his cluttered desk which was covered with the latest news from The Imperial Scourge’s cluster, and sat down. His orders state simply to take his fleets into The Imperial Scourge’s cluster and destroy everything unknown he encounters. He grinned wickedly as he softly whispered to himself

“It’s finally time to take my revenge…. all these year’s I’ve been waiting for this moment and it has finally arrived! I will have my revenge!”

A man paced uneasily about his office unsure of what was to come next. His office set near the top of an old battle worn doomstar’s civilian section. As he paced he glanced out the window nervously as if expecting something. His floor covered in papers some of consequence others of no importance at all. But this one, this ONE letter may have been the answer to all his prayers. All he had was this letter, a letter from a man whom he had only met on one occasion. Thoughts quickly came forth from him aloud.

“Could he be trusted? I’ve only met him once how can I be sure? There is too much riding on this for me to be wrong. I must know all the facts before I can answer!”

He than rushed to his monitor to take a look at the most recent numbers from The Imperial Scourge’s cluster. They were taking a severe beating, but they were holding…for now.

How long they would be able to hold out against this nemesis no one could say for sure.

“They could hold a couple of days perhaps, a week maybe, a month if they were lucky but this is The Imperial Scourge they always manage to pull something off.”

The man could only but hope that The Imperial Scourge would do such a thing. However once they broke off all communications with their other allies The Human Alliance was put into one heck of a bind. Would they rush to help The Imperial Scourge if they saw them start to crumple under this onslaught? Or should they remain at home and prepare themselves for what they knew was coming? If only they had not burned their bridges once they crossed them, then perhaps this problem would not be quite as perplexing as it is. Suddenly the man burst out.

“God damn you,” he shook his hand at the sky, “you’ve gone and screwed everything up! How do you expect me to wage a war against something like this when you have left me with nothing to fight with!?!? First you break all channels of communication with Azguard and than with the Targoid Empire I can not even raise a hailing frequency with either leader!” he slammed his hand hard into the reinforced window.

“Curse you for dieing father. CURSE YOU!” at this Maxus collapsed to the floor exhausted, confused, and crying. A once great leader torn apart by his own demons, only time can tell what will happen to this man, and only the Gods know.