By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 3 – Pieces Found

As Mazuko finished giving orders to his subordinate’s one of his patrol boats brought back a rather interesting tidbit of information. A lone Commander approached him at his desk with a small disk.

“Sir we picked up this bit of video on our return from our patrol.” Said Commander Max Sterling.

“What sector were you patrolling Max?” said Mazuko.

“Alpha sector sir it was quiet as hell except for that weird battle we saw.”

“Weird battle? Please do inform me of this battle.”

“Well Sir its all on that video disk Sir.”

“I see. Shall we watch it now Commander?”


The two of them moved towards the nearest vid-com and Mazuko slid the videodisk into the disk drive. A few beeps were heard as Mazuko’s hands glided over the controls advancing through parts of the patrol’s video looking to Max waiting for him to give the Q when his battle was seen on screen. Max pointed to the screen and said

“Stop their Sir that’s where we saw it!”

“Hmm it looks similar…but it can’t be it’s much smaller than the other…” Maz trailed off.”

“Pardon Sir?”

“Oh nothing Commander. Please explain to me, as we watch, what exactly it is we are watching and how you stumbled upon it.”

“Well sir as we were returning from our routine scans of the Alpha sector we came across some unusual interference. So I had the boys head towards its source.”

“That was quite a risk to take Commander.”

“Beg the Sir’s pardon but we were just a fleet of gunboats.”

“True. Do continue.”

“Well as we got a little closer we could see that it was a small battle going on. Nothing serious but we figured we might get some extra PP by killing the survivor and taking the parts back here to base for scrap and the such. The closer we got the more detail we were able to take in about this alien vessel. I only call it an alien vessel because I have never seen a vessel of this type before.”

“Your not the only one Commander.”

“Well Sir as I was beginning to tell you this Alien vessel was going up against a small The Imperial Scourge expedition fleet that I assume was returning to The Imperial Scourge’s cluster to help support the main body in their struggle. They’ve been recalling everything from everyone of their allies.”

“Yes we’ve picked up massive The Imperial Scourge fleet movements over the past few days, however that doesn’t mean they are at war...” Mazuko trailed off.

Uneasily Max continued “Well sir the The Imperial Scourge scout vessels, which I believe were Battle Cruisers were……..”

A lone Alien vessel sits stagnant in space as an The Imperial Scourge expedition fleet stumbles upon it. Thinking the ship dead in the water, they move in for a quick and easy kill. Or so they thought.

As the The Imperial Scourge boys moved in the Alien vessel suddenly awakens.

“Ok boys move in nice and slow keep your weapons on stand-by. You know what to do if things go sour.,” Said Commander Thumper.

**Static – Ship 3**

“Yes Sir.”

**Static – Drakk

“Yes Sir.”

**Static Commander Thumper**

“Slow, slow, SLOW! That’s it Drakk take it in nice and easy.”

**Static – Drakk**


**Static – Commander Thumper**

“Drakk get your boys out of there NOW! TThe Human AllianceT SOB IS NOT DEAD! TAKE EVASIVE MANUVERES GO GO GO!”

**Static - Drakk**

“We’re trying Sir but we can’t dodge every one of their shots! Shields dropping fast I don’t know how much longer we can hold.”

**Static – Ship 3**

“Heads up Bogey is now on your six Drakk MOVE IT MAN!”

**Static - Drakk**

“Yes I know! I…I…I…I can’t shake it Sir HELP!!”

A massive explosion occurs as the first ship in The Imperial Scourge’s expedition fleet is taken down.

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“Christ…this was supposed to be a simple destroy mission!

Suddenly the Alien Vessel vanishes.

“Ok boys keep your eyes pealed we just lost our target.”

**Static – Ship 3**

“Sir lookout Sir it’s heading right towards you!”

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“Scheiss this sucker’s fast! Bring front shields to full all guns bear on target we have a LOCK!”

Somehow the Alien vessel seemed to know what the Commander was going to do, preventing the third ship in The Imperial Scourge’s expedition fleet from getting a firing solution. Without warning the Alien vessel turned heading right towards the third ship in The Imperial Scourge’s fleet.

**Static – Ship 3**

“Sir HELP!!! We can’t evade it we can’t evade it!! It’s mimicking our every move sir do something!!”

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“On my way hold that SOB off as long as you can. Get those weapons to bear on its engines and weapons ASAP!”

**Static – Ship 3**

“Hurry Sir HURRY!!!! We’re taking heavy damage loosing life support systems. Set shields to full and hope Thumper get’s here in time…”

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“We have a firing solution! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!”

Every one of Commander Thumper’s guns aimed at the Alien Vessels engines and weapons they all fire in synch. **KABOOM** The Alien vessels engines are disintegrated while unfortunately its weapons are only temporarily disabled.

**Static – Ship 3**

“Sir you scored seven direct hits, however its guns are…they are…regenerating Sir.”

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“Hoffe get back to the main fleet with that video feed. All hopes of The Imperial Scourge rest on the information we’ve just discovered. If we can find a weapon that can prevent the regeneration of these ships without a massive explosion we can halt this onslaught and save our selves!”

**Static – Hoffe**

“But Sir what about you Sir?”

**Static – Commander Thumper**

“Never mind me Hoffe I’m going to take out this Son Of a Bitch before it can get back to its home base. Obviously it’s just a scout vessel…and we’ve been scouted. NOW GO!!!”

**Static – Hoffe**

“Sir, yes Sir!”

Hoffe quickly engages his warp engines and heads back for home at top speed. Commander Thumper turns his attention again to the Alien Vessel, a look of pure desperation and concentration on his face.

“This has to work…this MUST work. We won’t have a chance if this ship makes it out alive. We MUST destroy it!”

Commander Thumper turned on the ships intercom giving a brief speech to his men, telling them what they are about to do, and what their sacrifice will mean to the cause. Every man on board made up their minds at the moment Thumper turned off the intercom. Not like they had a choice otherwise, but they were good men and they knew it was their lives or the lives of everyone back home in The Imperial Scourge’s main cluster. They all returned to their stations knowing this would be the last time they performed these duties.

“Train all weapons on this Beasts center and fire on my word.”

They moved within firing range of the wounded Alien Vessel and stopped awaiting Thumper’s command.


All of the ships weapons trained on a single point blasted a massive hole in the side of the Alien vessel. The vessel now obviously crippled but still able to regenerate, as fires raged throughout it, small beings could be seen running about through the side of the beast.

“SHIT! They must have their shields up! There is only one way we can stop it! RAMMING SPEED!”

Commander Thumper’s vessel powered its engines to full and headed at a faster and faster rate towards the Alien vessel. A sharp scream could be heard as the ships collided, Thumpers vessel piercing the shields of the Alien ship as it exploded within. Explosions were occurring everywhere, fires raging, while the vacuum of space sucked everything out of both vessels that it could. With one final explosion both vessels exploded leaving nothing but floating debris.

“I see. This information will prove extremely valuable to our cause Commander Sterling. I will put you through for a promotion. A shame we could not take a piece of the Alien vessel to study.” Said Mazuko.

“That’s…not entirely true Sir.” Said Commander Sterling.

“Excuse me?”

“Well Sir we thought about that and I had one of our engineers salvage a piece of the Alien Vessels hull…well what we believe to be a piece of its hull.”
“Excellent Commander! I want you to personally escort that piece of material to our research facilities below deck.”

“Yes Sir.”

At this Commander Max Sterling turned and left Mazuko’s office. After making a copy of Sterling’s videodisk and dispatching it out to all the head Commanders in Azguard, Mazuko again watched the video. A note, of course was attached saying which Commander it was that made this video, a gift from Mazuko to Max Sterling for greatly aiding the cause.

Mazuko sighed to himself as the video came to an end again, and he looked out his window into the void of space.

“The war will be here soon, I only hope we will be ready for it.”