By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 5 – The Deception

A man in his mid twenties lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling. His mind was racing phenomenally fast as the events that had taken place over the last week were very disturbing to him. Each of these events ran counter to his plan, a cog thrown into the gears of an already moving machine that was now ground to a halt. He looked to the slave girl that lay by his side and smirked with disgust. She is in her late teens probably 18 or 19, a very pretty girl whom happened to come to him to escape violent parents. Little did she know her parents were the ones that had sent her to him. To repay an old debt owed him they had no choice, hand her over to him or be killed. Their response was quick, simple, and expected. Why should he have to go look for slaves when they came to him. His eyes fell upon the mirror over his bed he stared back at himself as his mind quickly analyzed his predicament.

Who would of thought Maxus could be so easily drawn into their corner? He certainly never expected this to happen, at least not this soon, and especially not by Mazuko. Too many people could do so many things that could completely destroy his plans. What could he possibly do to make this work to his advantage?

Trigon jumped out of bed startling the slave lying beside him awake. Ignorant of what he had done to her the night before he threw a pillow at her and sent her off and out of the room screaming. He moved to the chair at his desk and sat down with a plop. His desk was a simple flat gray color with a few lockable drawers. Nothing special but more than enough for what he needed it for. He dug through his desk frantically searching for something to write on and with. He smiled to himself as in the bottom left drawer he came across a pad of paper and a pencil. His left hand brushed through his hair pushing it back out of his eyes. His wicked smile now impossibly large, he looked like a man possessed as he rapidly began laying out plans to replace those that the events from the week prior had made completely obsolete.

Trigon worked through the night on these plans knowing this would be his last chance. His only disturbance was a servant that came to his door. It was time for his nightly entertainment, rather than get up from his desk he threw a shoe at the door and shouted.

“Away with you! Can’t you see I’m busy here! Go away NOW!”

“Yes master” she said as she quickly ran out of the room and shut the door behind her.

Finally he finished his new plans and jumped up his chair falling to the ground noisily as he rose. He paced about the room his new plans in hand as he read them to himself over and over again. He tossed his plans onto the couch with an approving grunt and walked out onto the balcony. On his way out he picked up a bottle of Cognac and poured himself a glass as he made his way to the railing. He raised his glass to the sky and shouted out the top of his lungs.

“I will have my revenge! Nothing can stop me now! For if I fail than all that I have strived for my entire life since the war would be for naught. And I will not let that happen!”

He laughed madly as he drained his glass of Cognac before tossing it over the railing, with any luck it would hit someone perhaps even killing them. He would like that. Trigon watched the glass fall for while until it disappeared from view, eventually he turned back towards his office and headed back in. As he walked back inside he grabbed the open bottle of Cognac, shook his head, and closed the door wall behind him.

As Trigon was heading back inside on view screens all across the galaxy people were tuned into the daily news report.

“Meanwhile the Alien’s are gaining more ground in the planetary cluster of the Imperial Scourge. This reporter has risked life and limb to bring you these latest pictures from the political center of the Imperial Scourge, planet Sokar-852.”

As the reporter speaks about what is taking place a video feed from Sokar-852 plays on the screen. This news report was being broadcast all across the galaxy but only to the public and not to anyone with any form of military status. That is everyone except for one man, a man who has already helped the cause more than he may know. This man was Max Sterling and he had fallen asleep in front of his view screen…again.

“Watch as the mighty fleets of the Imperial Scourge fight valiantly against this Alien nemesis. Watch as the strongest fleets in most of the known galaxy destroy Alien ship after Alien ship only to be held at a stalemate by the sheer number of Alien vessels being thrown at them. But wait! Look what is happening viewers! The Imperial Scourge is pushing the Alien’s back! In all the years this reporter has been reporting I have never seen such brilliant tactics! Nothing can destroy humanity! We will emerge victorious! We should all strive to be as strong as the Imperial Scourge!”

Max Sterling woke abruptly as the reporter shrieked the Imperial Scourge’s name. Potato chips fell from his chest as he moved around in his chair trying to find the remote. As he was about to change the channel his eyes fell upon his view screen, only to see things are not how they should be. Max nearly fell out of his chair as he scrambled for the secure phone in his office, just as he was about to pick it up it rang.

“Hello” he said cautiously. “Yes this is Commander Sterling. No, I haven’t talked to anyone else about the incident. I see. Yes Sir. Right away Sir. But one more thing Sir. What was that? No, it’s not The Human Alliance. It’s this news broadcast I just watched…”