By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 6 – Confusion

Commander Sterling stepped off of the transport ship and into space station Sigma-9. Sigma-9 was re-built after the Great War in this territory. The station had been taken by the Azguardian Federation from the once much larger Imperial Scourge near the end of the war. Unfortunately the Scourge had stripped the station down nearly to its base even taking the life support systems. However with the aid of the planets liberated by Azguard at that time, there were more than enough resources, and those willing to help, to rebuild the station. Eventually Sigma-9 would become the most technologically advanced space station in the civilian sectors of the Azguardian cluster of planets, eclipsed only by the much larger military stations that were positioned throughout the cluster. Normally a skeleton crew ran Sigma-9, but now with the new Alien threat to the galaxy it was filled with men and beings of all the known races in the galaxy. Every being was running about completing a job or task. Every task that was accomplished was a small victory, a part of a purpose and that purpose is pure and simple: preservation.

Max shook his head to clear the thought that had began to creep into his mind as he thought about the miracles of war. About how war brought out the best and the worst in all beings, and how at this very moment, he had never felt so proud as to be a citizen of the Azguardian Empire. Sterling headed towards Section-C, the military district, to meet with the big wigs in the Azguard military. He wasn’t really sure why he had been called in the first place, but he was glad he had recorded that newscast from the night before. As he passed a small arena match-taking place in the background, he paused a moment to see that a Human was getting the living shit beat out of him by an Evintos warrior.

The Evintos are monstrously huge half mechanical half organic beasts. Most Evintos stand over 9 feet in height and are as wide across as a street cruiser. They have dog like heads and faces attached to intricately constructed and merged bodies of flesh and machine. We say constructed because we don’t know exactly how Evintos reproduce, nor do we really want to know. How humanity had come to call them allies, let alone friends, was a mystery to him, but he wasn’t one to complain. He was however, surprised to see that the man just kept fighting despite the wounds that were quite apparent. Max nodded in approval at their competitive spirit during such harsh times and continued on his way to Section-R.

Section-R was so named because of all the research conducted within it. A large majority of the galaxies greatest scientific minds of all races were gathered here. Every scientist in Section-R was striving to find a way to stop the Alien expansion and to force them back to where they came from. Everywhere he looked flags bearing the marks of alliance, victory, and unity were hung. His chest ballooned with pride as he took a deep breath. This is what a good war is about, bringing everyone together to fight against a mutual enemy. Max sighed to himself as he realized this was all only temporary. He knew as well as everyone on Sigma-9 that this was only temporary. Once the Aliens were pushed back or destroyed everyone knew the old political infighting and inter-race conflict would begin again. Perhaps he could change that out come? Max shrugged and shook his head; he didn’t have time to find out right now that would have to wait.

By the time Max had made it to the military district all of the Azguard military leaders had made it into the main compound. At least as far as he could tell by the banners on the transports out front of the main meeting hall, he was late. He made his way towards the massive ornate door of the compounds main building. The door was a beautifully carved piece of oak; with massive adamantium lion head security knobs. If someone had the wrong DNA the eyes of the lions would become active and miniature lasers would shred whomever or whatever stood in front of them in a matter of nano-seconds. Fortunately for him the top commanders in Azguard’s fleet and Mazuko called him here and he had his DNA encoded into the main security systems.

Max waited as the scanners in front of him checked his DNA and the doors opened he stepped inside. Max made his way into the elevator and pushed the button that would take him to the 67th floor. Once he got there he was to meet Mazuko before making his way to the meeting with Mastermind and the rest of the Azguard council.

The elevator finally came to rest and slowly the doors slid open. Max quickly stepped inside and looked about. In front of him on a table sat a holographic phone, which rang as he approached it. Max pushed the receive call button and stepped back.

“Ah, its good to see that you finally made it. I trust you brought the video-disk of the report you saw?” said Mazuko through the hologram.

“Yes Sir. I have it right here Sir. But um Sir?”

“What is it Commander?”

“What did you want this for? I mean didn’t you see it?”“The signal was specifically targeted to the main body of our population. With military personnel, including myself, being excluded from its broadcast.”

Max started wondering what the hell exactly was going on. Why would news signals be blocked from only the Azguard military? Doesn’t that mean that the report came from an outside the system? Either way how did the Azguard techies not manage to capture the broadcast themselves? No matter, he did what he was told to do.

“I see you have many questions. Do not fret Commander your questions will be answered soon enough. Now take that disk up the hall to the main chamber. I won’t be there but Mastermind will. Give him the videodisk personally and tell him what you saw.”

“Yes Sir.”

Max then turned off the holographic phone and headed towards the door. His mind racing he began to wonder. Why isn’t Mazuko here? Was there a larger problem than they are letting me know? How am I supposed to tell the leader of our Empire that this news feed isn’t what they think it is?

“Snap out of it man!” he said as he slapped himself in the face. “You have nothing to worry about. If this were a task you couldn’t handle Mazuko wouldn’t have told you to do it. Obviously he has confidence in you, use that to get yourself through this.”

He opened the door and headed towards the main conference room. He had no way of knowing just how much of an effect he was about to have.