By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 7 – The Disk

Commander Sterling made his way up to the door of the main conference room. The doors looked massive, almost as if they were ten feet thick. They were colored a black and red with a lone emblem. This emblem was in the shape of a Doomstar heading into a massive body of enemy ships, all her buns blazing. It was the Azguardian way meeting and attempting to destroy anything and everything that challenged them. That tradition had lasted for centuries, there was no doubt in Max’s mind that Azguard would survive for at least another thousand years. Especially when no one was foolish enough to challenge them. Suddenly Max heard a voice over the COM system and jumped as he wasn’t expecting it.

“Commander Sterling. Are you going to stand there and admire the door all evening or are you going to bring in this piece of information Mazuko claims is so damned important?”

At this the doors opened quickly, as if they weighed nothing, and Max walked in. The room was filled with what must have been hundreds of Commanders and Diplomats from all across the Azguardian Empire. Everywhere he looked all eyes were upon him, no matter what he did he could feel their eyes searing into his back as if he were the enemy. Little did he know however, he was. Not by any living being in particular but by a tiny fly high up on the ceiling. Had the Azguard security system been geared to also detect organic materials perhaps this fly would have been detected, but it was too late for that now.

Max made his way towards the main floor, feeling a bit like he was meeting a King in his own Court as he passed by the rows of Commanders and Diplomats.

“It is good to see you could finally made it Commander Sterling.” Said Mastermind with an abrupt statement.

“Thank you Sir, I have been instructed by Mazuko to give this to you.” At this Max pulled out a small videodisk of the news broadcast he had recorded.

“And this is?”

“It is a news broadcast that I recorded after a conversation with Mazuko.”

Mastermind’s head tilted back and he laughed hard before he finally managed to spit out “A news broadcast? Mazuko had me call an emergency meeting of galactic security of a NEWS BROADCAST?? HOW DARE HE!!”

Max’s palms began to sweat; he didn’t expect this sort of response from Mastermind. Especially over the importance Mazuko gave this disk. His mind began to wander and he started to think to himself “Who am I to argue? I’m just a grunt that happened to get lucky and stumble across a battlefield. Why did I have to record it? So far that stupid recording has brought me nothing but trouble. I don’t think I have any special qualities that would make me more suitable for this job than anyone else. So why the hell do I have to do it?”

Commander Sterling shook his head and began to tell Mastermind what he had discovered. After all, what else could he do?

“Well Sir, Mazuko phoned me last evening to check up on a report I had filed. And I was watching the news, well when I was talking to him I looked at the view screen and saw this broadcast supposedly from the Imperial Scourge’s planetary sector. Well I noticed a few discontinuities in the broadcast and mentioned it to Mazuko. He told me to record it and bring it to you personally. That is why I am here before you today Sir.”

“I see. Very well than, since we have already called this meeting let us see what is on this disk then Commander. Shall we?” Mastermind gestured to a video console linked to the main display.

Max made his way towards the video screen quickly pulling the disk from his breast pocket. He slid the disk into slot and had no problem getting the disk to play. After he pushed a few buttons a video feed came up on the main screen. The conference room fell into an almost eerie silence as the newscast began to play.

“Meanwhile the Alien’s are gaining more ground in the planetary cluster of the Imperial Scourge. This reporter has risked life and limb to bring you these latest pictures from the political center of the Imperial Scourge, planet Sokar-852.”

As the reporter speaks about what is taking place a video feed from Sokar-852 plays on the screen. This news report was being broadcast all across the galaxy but only to the public and not to anyone with any form of military status. That is everyone except for one man, a man who has already helped the cause more than he may know. This man was Max Sterling and he had fallen asleep in front of his view screen…again.

“Watch as the mighty fleets of the Imperial Scourge fight valiantly against this Alien nemesis. Watch as the strongest fleets in most of the known galaxy destroy Alien ship after Alien ship only to be held at a stalemate by the sheer number of Alien vessels being thrown at them. But wait! Look what is happening viewers! The Imperial Scourge is pushing the Alien’s back! In all the years this reporter has been reporting I have never seen such brilliant tactics! Nothing can destroy humanity! We will emerge victorious! We should all strive to be as strong as the Imperial Scourge!”

The video screen went blank as the newscast came to an end. Commander Sterling turned to look at Mastermind.

“And you brought us this because Commander?” asked Stroud chimed in. “I do not see anything unusual about that broadcast and I believe this meeting has been a waste of our time!”

“Well Sir.” Said Max nervously as he took a laser pointer out of his pocket. Max proceeded to replay the newscast and began: “You see these small white lines that run up from the center of each of the Imperial Scourge and Alien ships?”

Both Stroud and Mastermind moved in for a closer look.

“Very interesting…do continue Commander.” Said Mastermind.

“Well Sir’s, those lines are strings supporting the ships. This broadcast was a hoax. Admittedly a rather poorly done hoax, but a hoax nonetheless.”

“And you got this off of a news broadcast yes?”

“That is correct Sir.”

At this both Mastermind and Stroud looked at each other, a look of surprise upon their faces. Mastermind moved to a podium and began to speak. “I thank you for coming to this emergency meeting Sir’s and I must now bring this meeting to a close. Those of you cleared by security will receive an information packet pertaining to this evening’s information if you need to know. My fellow diplomats, if you would please exit to the side lobby there is food and refreshment awaiting you. Dismissed.”

Mastermind looked to Stroud and they both turned and ran towards the communications center. Talking hurriedly as they ran.

“I never thought the little bugger would do it.”

“Neither did I. But could he? I mean how could he?”

“He doesn’t have the power…you didn’t! Oh my god! You MORON!”

As Commander Sterling watched the two men rush out abruptly he knew his job was done. So he left the conference room and headed for home. He had a couch waiting for him there, and he was exhausted.