By: Jason Bliss


Chapter 9 – What the?

“Finally” Said Max as he plopped back down into his couch and turned his view screen back on..

“I’ve been waiting to watch this for days!” he mumbled to himself as he cracked open a new designer beer and started to chew on a cold chicken leg.

In mid swallow Max heard a knock at the door.

“What the…?” mumbled Max to himself as he got up from his couch wiping his greasy fingers off on his pants.

He started to shout at the door as he walked towards it. “Who the HELL do you think you are knocking on my day at this hour? Do you have ANY idea what TIME it is?”

Max started to lean up to look out the peephole but before he could back away in time the door burst in knocking him to the ground.

“GET ON THE FLOOR NOW DIRTBAG!” shouted an overly obese man that had apparently kicked in his door.

A man clad in black slowly entered the building. He moved with calm and collected movements, he was there for a reason, and he was not going to fail.

Max struggled to return to his feet wiping blood from his brow as his apartment quickly filled with Galactic Police.

His hand still held to his bleeding brow he leaned against the wall and shouted. “Get the HELL OUT of here NOW! You have NO RIGHT!!”

As Max was shouting at the fat officer that had kicked his door in, three other officers decided to make their move. They lunged at him trying to take him to the ground. He hit the ground hard all the while struggling like mad. If he was going to be taken in, he was going to make it as difficult as he possibly could. As Max was struggling for his life he managed to kick off the first two officers before the fat man pinned down his arms. He had forgotten he was there.

He could hear the struggle taking place in Commander Sterlings apartment. But he chose to ignore it. Quickly and with professional control he carried out his mission.

He was trapped. What else could he do? He had to think quickly. Suddenly Max went limp, he let the officers think they had bested him and they quickly moved to hold him down. Commander Sterling took a deep breath and almost without thought his arms were suddenly around the neck of the fat cop that had previously been holding them. The fat cop looked dumbfounded for a moment, and that was all Max needed. With a twist of his waist Max flipped the man into the other two officers who were desperately trying to keep his legs still.

“I told you GET OUT!” Max shouted as he took a fighting stance. He wiped blood from his brow and spat upon the floor in the direction of the three officers laying spread eagle before him.

The man clad in black came to Commander Sterlings apartment door. His primary mission complete, he decided to lend a hand to the struggling officers. He saw movement as Commander Sterling was reaching for his plasma blaster. He had to act quickly, or they were all dead.

Max started to reach for his plasma blaster; he wasn’t going to take this shit from a bunch of cops that were probably trying to arrest the wrong man. He was just going to shoot them in the kneecaps, to keep them from chasing him out of the apartment. Where he went from there, he would have to find out later.

Suddenly Max felt a presence behind him and he started to turn. He felt a sharp blow upon his head and a curse escaped his lips. “Fuck..” He muttered as he collapsed into a heap on the floor.

The man clad in black turned and nodded to the officers on the ground and began to speak.

“Get up you fools, he can not harm you now. Not while he is unconscious. Do with him as you wish. I saw nothing. Just make sure…he is alive and able to function when you are through with him.”

At this he shut Commander Sterlings apartment door behind him and head for the street outside.

“Dispatch this is GNet 5 reporting in.” said the Lieutenant through his com implant.

“Go ahead GNet 5, you are clear for return. Have you caught the tango?” said the dispatch officer.

“That is a positive returning with tango in hand. Alive…”

“Bring him in to bay 7 there is a cell waiting. Dispatch Out.”

“Roger. GNet 5 Out.”

The Lieutenant began to speak into his mouthpiece.

“All right boys, bring him down you’ve had your fun.”

In unison all three arresting officers responded “Yes Sir.”

A few minutes later an unconscious Commander Sterling was brought down and placed into the GNet squad car. The three apprehending officers were also there holding him down just in case. The Lieutenant started the squad car and headed for GNet HQ. As they left a small series of explosions could be heard and Max’s apartment building burst into flames before exploding.

Fortunately He was not unconscious but he decided to play it safe. He didn’t want to be subject to another beating. So he simply let himself be held and he began thinking about the night that had just passed.

“Why did they come for me? What did I do? Did Mazuko betray me? Have the Aliens actually gone this far? They couldn’t have…could they? No there’s no way. They haven’t shown any signs of infiltration other than a few bugs…but then again…they are organic…they could. Argh!! Why am I thinking this? There has to be a logical reason for this. But why the hell did they blow up my apartment building? And what about all the people inside? What about them!! They were innocent!!”

“If they came for me they should have let those people live!” Max shouted in blind rage as he began to struggle again. He nearly scared the officers riding with him to death and it earned him another knock over the head. Finally he fell into unconsciousness.

He woke up in a damp dark cell, fully clothed and still with all his belongings. Slowly he made his way into a sitting position in the corner of the cell that was across from the door. Oddly enough his cell had a clean bed and a tray of hot food. Not exactly what he expected was served in prison. But who was he to complain? He pulled the tray towards him and started to eat. He figured he would be there awhile, and he was going to need all of his strength if he was going to escape.

Max could hear voices and footsteps headed in his direction, but he was unsure of what they were saying. The footsteps finally came to a standstill in front of his cell door. Through the crack at the bottom of the door Max could see a shadow, a shadow that looked like a pair of feet.. Could it be? Had they finally come for him? Or did Mazuko bail him out?

He silently whispered to himself “If I only knew what the hell they wanted with me this would be so much easier. What the hell did I do to end up here?”

As if without warning the light shining underneath the door disappeared and Max took up a fighting stance ready to strike at whoever was brazen enough to open the door.

The door swung open towards the hall way and two individuals stood before Commander Sterling. The light was so bright it forced Max to squint in order to see who the two men were. One was the Mazuko, the other, was he could not make out.

“Stand down Commander.” Said Mazuko.

Max managed to crack a smile as he quickly stood to attention.

“Yes Sir.” Max said with enthusiasm.

The man Max could not make out stepped into the cell unseen and stood in the dark shadows while Mazuko stepped into Max’s cell and shut the door behind him. His eyes fell upon Max and he began to speak.

“Commander Sterling, I suppose you are curious as to why you have been brought here.”

“Forgive this Commanders intrusion but your DAMN RIGHT! I want to know why I’ve been brought down here, I also want to know why the hell those damn cops beat the HELL out of me!”

Mazukos brow tightened, his anger becoming quite apparent.

“Now HOLD IT COMMANDER, you are stepping out of line! You will not speak out of turn in the Generals presence!”


Out of nowhere Mastermind stepped out from the shadows and nodded to both Mazuko and Max.

“Hello Gentleman, it seems that you have struck a cord with our Commander here Mazuko.” Said Mastermind, his gaze falling upon Mazuko. Quickly Mazuko and Max stood to attention.

“Yes Sir.” Said Mazuko.

Masterminds gaze turned to Max inquisitively.

“Yes Sir.” Said Max.

“At Ease Gentlemen.” Said Mastermind, his gaze remaining upon Max.

“You were arrested for one reason and one reason alone.”

“And that is Sir?”

“Your safety.”

“Pardon Sir?”

“Your Apartment Building had been infested.”

“Infested Sir? What are you…?”

“We have learned, from the piece of hull you and your men retrieved, that the Alien ships are NOT made of purely organic material. What we have learned is that somehow the organic ‘virus’ uses these non-organic materials as ‘host’ organisms. What happens shortly there after is that all living organisms and non-organic materials that are in contact with this “host” material becomes “absorbed’”

“Excuse me Sir?”

“By absorbed I mean their organic materials are claimed by the organic infestation. While the non-organic materials in turn become other “host” organisms. We had no choice but to get you out of there. When Mazuko here” Mastermind nodded to Mazuko. “decided to leave he had no choice. Your Apartment was on the verge of infestation and would have moved even faster had he stayed. You are lucky that the Officers arrived when they did, or you would not be here today.”

“Might I ask the General a question Sir?”
“G o ahead.”

“Than why were the officers and Mazuko not infested when they came to my apartment?”

Mastermind’s gaze fell upon Mazuko. “I believe it best if you explain this one Commander.”

“Yes Sir.” Said Mazuko as he turned to look Commander Sterling in the eye.

“We have developed prototype armor that is resistant to the “host” organisms. We are not exactly sure how long the armor will last, nor how it is resistant to the “host” organisms, but it is. You, Commander, were not infested because the infestation had not yet spread to your apartment. That is why the officers attempted to take you in quickly. However, you resisted, and things took a much more violent and volatile position. You are lucky to be talking to us right now Commander, very lucky.”

“That still doesn’t explain why my apartment building was destroyed Sir.” Max said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Your Apartment was torched because we learned when in an atmosphere breathable by humans the “host” organisms are subject to obliteration by fire. IT came as a shock to us as well, and was only discovered accidentally in the Lab. Surprisingly the “host” organism is completely destroyed and the threat with it. However in the vacuum of space this organic “virus” becomes so incredibly strong it is nearly as strong as our newly acquired ship armor, Eternium.”


“Now you see Commander, your arrest was necessary to keep the news of infestation from the eyes of the public. We may be a warlike society, but our people are still prone to panic because of the threat.”

“Now that you have a more in-depth idea of what we are up against Commander We have work to do. Commanders, please follow me.” Said Mastermind as he opened the door to the cell. He exited first with Mazuko and Max Sterling behind him.