6/26/08 Just a few updates for everyone that even bothers to look at this site. For those of you looking for The Azguard Chronicles all of the links are to the left of this news article. Click on a link and it will take you to a chapter that will open here in this news space.

If however you are looking for the -=FoG=- Fellowship of Old Gamers server stats you can find a link to our Dust2 and Multi-Map server stats to the right. Also listed is a link to the clan website.

In addition should there be any problems with the stats, or if you want to help out with TAC, there is a link to the forums that is also now finally functioning.

If there is any questions or concerns please post them in the forum or send a PM to me username is Mazuko.

3/3/08 I finally got off my butt and have posted most of The Azguard Chronicles! You can find the links for each chapter on the left hand side.

Please remember The Azguard Chronicles is a rough unedited work. I am always looking for someone to help edit, spell check, and tidy up TAC. I am also looking for someone to help me improve my poor attempts at dialog. Any help would be appreciated.

In addition any suggestions, and comments are always welcome via e-mail and once I finally get a forum up and running on the site there also. Until that time please feel free to send all suggestions to: tac at mazuko dot org!!