By: Jason Bliss








Prologue – In The Beginning


            It was the year 3040AD the human race had colonized all of the habitable planets within their Galaxy.  However the resources were running drastically low bringing about much pain and suffering.  It was expected, that the Human Empire would collapse within a matter of decades.  Unfortunately for mankind, it happened much sooner.

            In an effort to circumvent inevitable destruction many small bands of individuals began gathering and forming their own alliances.  It first began merely as neighborhoods banding together to rid their area of crime, than this movement moved onto cities and eventually to entire planets.

            Each government than found themselves drastically short of the supplies needed for the survival of their inhabitants, as each planets resource’s approached exhaustion.  Finally after many years of seclusion the governments of each planet sent emissaries to other nearby planets in hopes that their brethren may still be alive and able to provide them with the basic necessities of survival.

            Many years after the reestablishment of Galactic Government, now simply called The Alliance, the once frequently traveled trade routes of the Human Empire opened once more and life continued as would be expected.  Eventually there was not a single planet left in the Human Galaxy that was not a member of three factions known as Azguard, The Imperial Scourge, and The Human Alliance.  For many centuries these three factions went to war over the remaining resources in Human controlled space.  These wars eventually lead to the complete exhaustion of their resources once again giving humanity a slim chance of survival.  Realizing what they had done to their race the leaders of each faction met on planet Earth and signed a temporary alliance, appropriately called The Galactic Order of Humanity, in order to preserve human kind. 

However neither knew where they could or would turn for the much-needed resources until one man, Mephanto McClain, discovered the secrets of time space travel.   Using his theory on space-time warpage The Galactic Order of Humanity eventually created a warp engine capable of warping time itself allowing a vessel to travel to any point in the Universe. 

Very quickly every major ship was equipped with this new technology and the Human Race once again set out on adventure. This golden age of exploration would eventually come to be known as “The Age of Galactic Exploration.”  Humankind spread their reach to many Galaxies across the Universe and it was during this period that humans finally learned that they were not alone.  Many new races were discovered, and they were often obliterated for choosing to resist human rule.  This mass extermination brought mankind’s mastery of war to galaxies light years away.  Shortly after mankind’s great expansion every surviving race had reached approximately the same level of technology having each stolen technological secrets from one another.

Amazingly enough it was this balance of power that placed the known Universe into a golden age of peace between each race, as they saw no reason to fight one another because there was nothing to gain.  Lasting for many millennia this golden age of peace would not last for all eternity.

Eventually a young human named Hctaws Illian discovered a cluster of planets so resource rich that the race that controlled this group of planets was the race that controlled all.  The Galactic Order of Humanity sent transport ships and a massive fleet to seize this cluster of planets and claim them as their own.  Unfortunately the humans were not the only race thinking the same thing.  On the dawn of (in Human time) May 24th 5263AD massive fleets from each race met at these resource rich planets.  Each race clamed one planet immediately upon arrival and established colonies, and eventually they would go to war to control them all.

Council Azguard, forming one third of The Galactic Order of Humanity believed it best to sit out this war and allow the much more powerful The Imperial Scourge forces to take control while The Human Alliance gave strategic support to the fleets of the Galactic Order. 

The war raged on for years each side taking heavy losses but neither able to control more than two planets for any given amount of time.  The resources of each race quickly diminished with each year the war dragged on.  With nothing to fear other than one another fierce battles occurred every day without concern for the defense their own planets black in their home galaxies. 


As one of the fiercest battles of all human kinds history was taking place on planet Sintara-13 in the resource rich cluster, a new race emerged.  This new race quickly striking down the warring factions of the known galaxy, sending fleets running for their lives in hopes of making it back to their home galaxies to warn their families.  Unfortunately not many ships were built capable of fending off this new aggressor and many races were quickly obliterated.  Eventually what was left of each race fled to The Galactic Order of Humanity seeking protection and salvation, as they were the only ones to escape nearly unscathed.

Seeing what was going on Azguard quickly withdrew formally from the Galactic Order, however they still patrolled what they had agreed to do in the original alliance agreements.  As quickly as they had come this new nemesis established them selves in the new resource rich sector. 

            Oddly enough The Imperial Scourge kept all the information about this nemesis to them selves thinking that they, the most powerful council of all, could handle this nemesis alone.  Even the great Magus the First, the leader of The Human Alliance, was cut out of the information loop that they had established with The Imperial Scourge.  This move by The Imperial Scourge left only the High Chancellor of The Imperial Scourge with any substantial knowledge about this new nemesis.


            Three years passed and without the support of Azguard the Galactic Order of Humanity was beginning to crumble, both The Human Alliance and The Imperial Scourge fought one another over resources so that they could defend their own people.  Each council refusing to aid the other, the mighty war machines of both soon began to falter under the never-ending onslaught by this new alien menace. 

            It was on the 21st of July that one of the greatest events in human kinds history soon unfolded.  Magus the First was giving his annual address to his people from his palace window, when tragedy struck.  Magus was shot through the heart by a poison coated bullet.  He died almost instantly; his dieing wish was that The Human Alliance aid mankind in any way possible.  On that day The Galactic Order of Humanity disappeared, The Human Alliance was passed onto Maxus, and having nowhere else to go to, The Human Alliance relied on The Imperial Scourge for their defense, and cut off all communication with Azguard.